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MOLLE System

MOLLE pouches are designed for use with standard 1" PALS mounting systems. It allows the pouch to be threaded onto MOLLE webbing, for example on a plate carrier. If you intend to use your pouch on a plate carrier, backpack or full size belt, choose this mounting system.

GMB™ Mount

The GMBTM mounting system was designed to eliminate the issue of single-column pouches "tilting" when mounted on our low profile GMBTM belt. The system is based on Velcro® One Wrap tape and attaches in between the inner and outer belts. Pouches with this mounting system are intended for use with GMBTM belts and are not MOLLE compatible. May not fit belts from other brands. If you only intend to use the pouch on your GMBTM, choose this mounting system.

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